Are Shade Sails Really Worth It Or Are They Just The Next Trend?

November 09, 2017 | 3 Minute Read

 While we all love to stay under the shade and enjoy the nice weather outside, we rarely think about the constructions that keep us protected from the sun. In the recent years, shade sails have become increasingly popular and more and more people have decided to try them out. Yet, the question that we should ask ourselves before taking out our credit card and buying one is: are shade sails really worth it or are they just another trend everybody wants to follow?

Protection is the priority here

As much as we all want to follow the latest hits in design the number one priority when it comes to shade structures should be protection. Shade Structures have been long used not only to improve your swimming pool area and backyard but also to protect cars in parking lots and hide children, playing on the school playgrounds, from the harmful sunbeams. This means that the structure should provide UV protection and should also, preferably be made out of an impermeable material. What’s more, it should be stable and not become a hazard when it is windy outside. 

Shade sails meet all the requirements here. Their innovative fabrics can ensure that you will stay safe from UV radiation and will also not get wet even when it is pouring outside. 

Let's talk money

Most things that are “in” at the moment are also quite pricey. But that is not the case with shade sails. Not only are they the latest cry of the home design industry, but they are also very affordable. They cost much less than your average permanent shade structure. Find out more about outdoor shade structures. click here to learn more. No wonder they are becoming more and more popular. They are being used for everything from school playgrounds to huge parking lots. 

Construction and availability

Before you make up your mind, you will probably want to know how you can put up one these shade sails. The answer here is “easily.” Unlike the permanent constructions, shade sails are easy to put up. What’s more, with the various shapes and colours that these sails come in you can let your imagination run free and make your own pattern and design. Isn’t that a nice way to personalise your space? 

Not only are shade sails easy to put, but they are also available everywhere. You can find shade sails in most of the bigger shops that sell outdoor equipment - protect your business and customers with commercial grade shade sails. You can also easily order one online. Just keep in mind to always read the small font text and make sure that your shade sail provides UV protection and is impermeable. 

So what does all of this mean?

Easily put, it means that shade sails are not only a trendy accessory. Greenline's shade sails are a high-quality product that can be a decorative structure and at the same time act as a shade shelter that protects both yourself and your property from UV radiation. Shade sails are definitely here to stay and are far more than a trendy home accessory!